Friday, March 21, 2014

Year 2, Day 144: 21 March 2014

The day got off to a busy start with people and equipment everywhere, 
preparing for the weekend-long work-a-thon. 

A CTA crew was on the job this morning preparing a temporary safety fence at track level.

CTA crew at work, seen from the Morse L platform
 By evening, the activity level was just as high, and driving in the area was becoming a challenge. 

Powerful work lights have been brought in
so the work can continue throughout the night.

The work will continue non-stop until Monday morning. Traveling by car or L will be a challenge this weekend. Avoid driving on Glenwood and Farwell, parts of which will be closed; remember that northbound Red Line trains will not make any stops between Berwyn and Morse. And now, dear reader, if you will excuse me, i am going to take a little nap in anticipation of a bright and noisy night.

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