Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 290: 14 August 2013

Preparations for the big pour continue. The last i heard, the concrete should be getting done early next week. But since i don't have the same kind of contact with the current crew as i've had with the other crews in the past, i can't give much more definitive information. As always, i encourage anyone on the crew to leave a comment, send an email, or stop me when i walk past in the morning if my information or terminology is incorrect. One of the most positive aspects of this experience has been that i've learned a lot about what things are and how they work from the workers on the job. 
PS. I could really use a few new stickers for my commemorative hardhat.

Monday, 12 August.

Tuesday, 13 August. 
I've mentioned a few times that i think this work must cause some backaches. Here are just a few examples of the constant bending and stooping that is part of this stage of the work. These pictures also show just how dense the mesh of rebar has become. The man in the third picture is applying either paint or a protective finish to the end cut on a piece of rebar that had to be trimmed to fit the space.

Wednesday, 14 August. 

I was just a few seconds too late to get a picture of the worker on the left as he climbed up
to his position on the walers. He reminded me a little of the contestants on American Ninja Warriors
doing the monkey-peg climb. There, my dirty little secret is out:when i'm not watching Fassbinder films
or reading poetry, i like to watch American Ninja Warriors. Ha!

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