Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 284: 8 August 2013

The view from ground level: Wednesday evening
These pictures, taken early this morning, give an indication of just how much rebar is going into this thing. The wooden walls are also being reinforced by the carpenters so they'll be strong enough to contain the concrete when the big pour begins. I am constantly amazed by the agility of the steelworkers, walking along lengths of rebar like tightrope walkers, but i'm even more amazed that they can crawl into this rebar cage and not have a panic attack. I would be screaming in a claustrophobic frenzy. 
I haven't been taking quite as many picture in the past few days because the work is somewhat repetitive and labor intensive. In addition to adding layer after layer of rebar, the steelworkers carry a spool of thin wire on their belts and secure all the points where one piece of rebar crosses another. As you might imagine, this is time-consuming work.

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