Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 292-294: 16-18 August 2013

Friday and Saturday were busy days as the steelworkers and carpenters put the finishing touches on their part of the job, checking and double-checking to make sure that everything is in readiness for the pouring of the concrete, scheduled to begin at 3:00 AM, Monday. 

Friday, 16 August

Saturday, 17 August
One of the finishing touches was the trimming of the large circular pipe mounted high on the wall. Again i marvel at the skill and nerves of these workers, cutting through heavy steel pipe with a torch while standing in a cherry picker. 

Sunday, 18 August
No work was done today. Everything sits in readiness for the return of the crew in the middle of the night. If the noise wakes me up, i'll snap a few pictures. There are a couple sets of flood lights at the ready, so it promises to be as bright as it is loud. 
Just imagine, all of this intricate work will soon be encased in concrete, never to be visible again.

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