Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 298: 22 August 2013

Here are a couple of shots of the women at work. I am always happy to see women doing the kinds of jobs that were not readily available to us when i was young and had a strong back and a full supply of knee cartilage. Here's a brief personal narrative, that might shed some light on why i am so glad to see better work opportunities for women: 

When i was a young lass back in the 1970s, i applied for a job through a government-sponsored training program only to be told that i couldn't be hired because it was a "man's job." I finally got the job by circumventing the government official and having the boss (whom i knew) call directly and tell them to hire me. There were two trainees. The other one was a guy who weighed about 95 pounds, had long stringy hair, and believed he could cast a spell to make any woman fall in love with him (spoiler alert: he couldn't!). I outweighed him by about twenty-five pounds of muscle and could out-armwrestle half the guys i knew. Yet he was considered the more capable and appropriate hire, and got the job without any difficulty, while i had to fight to get it. Thank goodness for progress!

More rebar! And another climbing performance worthy of American Ninja Warrior.

By noon, some much-needed rain began to fall. The concrete got a nice cool shower while the workers took a break for lunch.

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