Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 296: 20 August 2013

After all the excitement yesterday, things were a little slower today as the concrete slowly goes through the curing process. I had a very interesting conversation with the site superintendent today, who patiently explained some of the procedures involved after the concrete is poured. Since i haven't had much to do with science since that unfortunate little explosion i accidentally caused in high school chemistry class, a lot of what he said about core samples and psi strength and whatnot went over my head. But it was interesting to learn that the concrete actually produces heat while it is curing (a process that takes several days). 

I also learned that the green coating on the rebar is epoxy; it helps protect the rebar from oxidizing (rusting). Without this protection, the rebar will rust and expand, in turn causing the concrete to crack. Since i have the misfortune of working in a building with a lot of exposed rusty rebar in the facade, i knew what he was talking about, though i didn't know the process that caused it. 

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