Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 291: 15 August 2013

According to this notice that i found blowing down Farwell Ave. the big pour is officially scheduled to begin at 3:00 AM (shriek!!!) on Monday. There's been a lot of checking of blueprints, last minute fine tuning, and seemingly high stress levels in the past few days as the crew works to complete the steelwork and wooden forms on time. 
It's strange to think that this beautiful and intricate structure will soon be encased in concrete, hidden from view forever. I feel privileged to have such a unique vantage point and to be one of the very few people who have actually seen it in its entirety. 

Pardon the condition of this image, but as i mentioned, i found this notice blowing down the street.
I then folded it up and carried it around in my pocket for a couple of hours. It's surprising that it's still readable.
Hey, buddy, get out of the cage. The concrete is coming!

The view at midnight

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