Saturday, August 23, 2014

Year 2, Day 298: 23 August 2014; New Chapter: Replacing the Water Mains on Farwell Ave. (Day 1)

It seems only fitting that i have moved and lost my my unique vantage point on the substation now that the project is just about complete. I still live close enough to see most of what's going on, but in all honesty, there isn't much activity to record anymore. I will maintain the running count of days since the project began until the substation is fully operational; but in the meantime, i thought i'd shift gears a bit and record the latest in a seemingly never-ending series of neighborhood improvements: the replacement of the water mains on Farwell Ave. Since i assume that many of my readers either live in Rogers Park or like looking at pictures of big machinery in operation, this will hopefully fill the void created by the end of major construction on the substation. I doubt that i will have the same kind of helpful access to information from the water main crew as i have had from the substation team, but i should at least be able to get some good pictures.

Work began on the project yesterday and, according to the no-parking signs posted, is due to be completed within one month (fingers crossed). As inconvenient as it will be to once again lose parking spaces on Farwell (and presumably have at least a portion of the street closed to traffic), it's hard to argue with the need to replace 100-year-old water mains. 

Cars being towed 
I have no idea what this machine is called: i just call it the street-eater.
Whatever you call it, it's pretty cool to watch!

Digging up the corer of Farwell and Greenview. 

Saturday morning: the street-eater in repose

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