Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 136, 13 March 2013

Preparations for taking down the retaining wall and clearing the embankment are underway. The steel panels that were driven into the ground in January are there to keep everything firmly in place as the embankment is removed. A huge circular saw was brought in this afternoon and started slicing through the thick concrete wall, first vertically, then horizontally. Judging from the rate at which the work is proceeding, i don't expect the wall to last for longer than a few more days. It was a fine old wall and i'll miss it. Last summer, when i spoke to the artist painting the mural on the next block (pictured yesterday), he told me that this wall was scheduled to get its own mural this year. Then, just a few weeks later, i learned that rather than getting a nice splash of color on that fine old wall, we'd be losing the wall and getting a substation. But although i may sound a bit mournful, i'm also a big supporter of public transportation and appreciate the need to upgrade the infrastructure of the L system. 

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