Saturday, November 2, 2013

Year 2, Day 5: 2 November 2013

The concrete was poured for the top section of the north and west walls today; the east and south walls should be poured in a few days, weather permitting. At this point, the goal is to get the roof on within the next couple of weeks so that the inside work can proceed when winter arrives. 
The concrete pump arrived early this morning.
Farwell was closed to traffic, but crowded with parked vehicles
since there was such a large crew on the job today. 

This picture gives some indication of the height of the roof.
The point where the rebar is more dense and
bent at a 90-degree angle is where the roof will eventually be;
the top few feet (where the rebar is less dense)
will be a half-wall rising above the surface of the roof.
Awaiting the arrival of the first cement truck.

The cement truck arrives, and the crane is raised
to prepare to pump concrete into the walls.

At the south end of the site,
a section of floor was also poured.

Bringing lumber up to the work area

The crane is very versatile in its ability to reach
different areas of the worksite.

Pouring the north wall.

Meanwhile, back at the south end.

At the end of the day, the newly poured concrete was covered
and left to cure. In the past, the coverings have looked almost like
quilted blankets filled with cotton batting; but these heavier black covers
were used today, perhaps to accelerate the curing process,
which takes longer in the colder weather.

Finally, here is my favorite shot of the day.

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