Saturday, December 7, 2013

Year 2, Day 40: 7 December 2013

The substation site has been relatively peaceful, now that the big crunch to complete all the necessary work on the outer structure before winter set in has been completed. A reduced crew has been on the job this past week, and -- at least for the present -- Saturday has gone back to being part of the weekend, rather than just another busy workday. Most of the work this week has taken place within the structure: i can hear hammering, drilling, and voices echoing off the concrete walls, but there is little to see or photograph. So here are a few shots of the worksite in repose, from a slightly different perspective than most of my pictures. 

Remaining section of the original retaining wall, most of which 
came tumbling down in MayAlso visible here are the conduits 
that will run under the tracks, along with piles of insulated tarps 
that were used to cover the concrete during the curing process.  

The view from the south end of the worksite at Pratt Blvd.

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