Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 2, Day 45: 12 December 2013

On yet another bitterly cold morning, the crew was hard at work on the roof of the substation. Since it's a little above my vantage point, i can't provide any pictures of the actual process of applying the roofing material, but the steady hum of a roofing kettle provided the soundtrack for today's task. I hope that the finished product will include a green roof, something with some nice, environmentally friendly plants to remind us of the trees that were here originally. 
The temperature might have been in the single digits, but this hardworking woman
still had a smile on her face as she gave me a thumbs-up early this morning.
The roofing kettle (bottom center) was set up early this morning.
A pipeline was put in place to bring the hot tar up to the roof.

Close-up of the kettle

If the temperature had been just a little warmer, i might have been able
to convince myself to walk to the corner to get a better idea of what
the large blocks of building materials on the flatbed were.  But i confess
that i had a very hard time even forcing myself to step outside the door
for the few seconds needed to take these pictures.

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