Monday, January 20, 2014

Year 2, Day 84: 20 January 2014

I've been a bit remiss in posting here lately; in fact, the first anniversary of the actual work on the substation went by without my commenting on it. It has been quite a year, but at this point there isn't much for me to photograph since the work is taking place either inside the building or on the scaffolding, which is only partially visible within its cocoon of plastic coverings. 

I did manage to get these few pictures last Friday. I'm sorry that i haven't had the opportunity to watch the bricklayers at work (or to share it with you), but given the absolutely brutal weather we've been experiencing for the past month, it's a good thing that the workers have those plastic tarps to give them a little protection from the elements. As we experience another visit from the Polar Vortex, those plastic tarps are rattling in the wind and the snowdrifts are piling up yet again. 
At this point, i'm just waiting for the big reveal when those tarps come off and the substation is there in all it's brick-clad glory. In the meantime, i hope they don't forget the graffiti-proofing; this is Rogers Park after all. 

Here are a few shots of the southern end of the structure, taken through the chain-link fence. 

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