Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reboot: Day 73, 9 January 2013

What a surprise! At 7:30 this morning, i awoke to a cacophony of sirens, the likes of which have not been heard since the London Blitz. Then a loud megaphone-amplified voice coming from a Streets & San tow truck announced that all the cars on the block were illegally parked and would be ticketed and towed. Just like round one of this project, there had been no communication or advance warning to the residents of the block, except perhaps this obscure little sign and its two siblings slapped up on the utility poles sometime within the past 24 hours. Note the dates on the sign. I'm hoping that the last number in the end date is a "3," but for all i know, the project could be slated to last until October 2015. 

Ugh! I'm sorry to be such a grouch about this. I have no beef at all with the company doing the work. They are good people just trying to do their job and have already had their share of frustrations with the bureaucracy, including a two-month delay in getting started. But I really think our elected officials and the CTA could have made an effort to let the residents of the block know what was going on and when, and they should have offered some assistance with parking and reasonable accommodations for trash collection. 

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  1. Thanks for posting this.
    Maybe you could lift up the duct tape and peak at that last number? It is intriguing to know what date it really is.


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