Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 81, 17 January 2013

The heavy equipment is all lined up and ready to go for this weekend's construction marathon. I have to confess that my usual enthusiasm has been eclipsed by apprehension over just how loud, bright, and disruptive this work is going to be. Alderman Joe Moore sent out an email blast earlier today, with the following ominous message: "I have been advised by the CTA that the sheet piling work that will be performed this weekend will be extremely loud. As it will be performed during a continuous 24-hour-per-day period, from Friday morning until early Monday morning, the surrounding neighbors will be extremely inconvenienced." Click here to link to the full text of his message including a list of blocks that will be affected by power outages on Friday and again on Monday. 
If there had been a little more notice, i would have planned to put the critters in the kennel and headed out of town for the weekend.  But as it is, i will try to stick it out and update this blog regularly over the weekend... unless i come to my senses and get out of Dodge.

Corner of Farwell and Wayne

Corner of Farwell & Wayne

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