Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 83, 19 January 2013

By 8:30 this morning, several of the steel panels had been installed and the "boardwalk" extended. The noise and vibrations as the steel is driven into the ground are hard to ignore, and people posting on Everyblock last night were reporting that they could hear it several blocks away. But it's fascinating to watch this project take shape and to see how much progress was made in the overnight hours. 

Here's a short piece of video taken at about noon today that gives a sense of both the noise level and the immense size of the crane (0:23) i mentioned yesterday. The serious noise kicks in at about 1:08, and you should even be able to hear the vibration running through the neighboring buildings (1:20). 

* Update 9:00 PM: Here are a few shots taken this evening. If the close-ups seem a little out of focus it's because this is a little like trying to take pictures in the middle of an earthquake.

The view from Farwell & Wayne

Farwell & Glenwood

Postscript: A few people have recommended that i use this blog to complain about this admittedly uncomfortable situation, but i'm not planning to do that. If the need arises, i'll complain, as i did last week when the project was suddenly resurrected and the Streets and San gestapo came barreling through to tow cars without warning. But for a girl who spent Christmas mornings resenting the fact that her brother got an Erector Set while she got another damn doll, having a bird's-eye view of a project like this is a real treat, and that's where i intend to keep my focus.

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