Saturday, August 2, 2014

Year 2, Day 277: 2 August 2014

The substation has been a busy place this past week, as things are being inspected and the final details are being taken care of. 

On Thursday, the last of the fencing was taken down from under the viaduct, and workers and inspectors were on the newly painted lower roof to make sure things are working as they should.

On Friday, the conduit was removed from the viaduct, while other last minute activity went on at track level. The work trailer was also removed at some point on Friday afternoon.

By Saturday morning, the sidewalk on the south side of Farwell was open for the first time in 21 months! There is still some landscaping work that needs to be done, and the gravel slope visible in the picture directly above will get some added terracing, but the end of this long project is on the horizon and the substation is very close to being up and running. 

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  1. The first picture is almost the exact same angle and shot at the header. Nice to finally have that southern sidewalk open. Now that corner serves a higher purpose beside a place to flop your mattress or couch! Nice job on this blog. This may be the penultimate post.


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