Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Year 2, Day 308: 2 September 2014; New Chapter: Replacing the Water Mains on Farwell Ave. (Week 2 Begins)

A small manlift arrived at the substation site today, so apparently a little fine-tuning is still going on.
But the bigger story of the moment continues to be the water main replacement work on Farwell. Regrettably, i was not on the spot early this morning, but was told by a reliable source that the existing water main was hit and briefly did its best impersonation of Buckingham Fountain. Nevertheless, the work is proceeding very quickly and it looks like the major work (aside from repaving) has been completed between Wayne and Glenwood. 
Meanwhile, another of my reliable sources encountered someone from AT&T spray-painting markings on the roadway on the section of Glenwood east of the L tracks between Pratt and Farwell. When asked, the man explained that AT&T will be digging up the street for some reason or other. Yay to infrastructure upgrades; boo to additional headaches for car owners. 

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