Thursday, April 3, 2014

Year 2, Day 157: 3 April 2014

In the past couple of days, the brick facade of the substation has been getting a final coat of what i hope is a graffiti-proof finish. 

Before and after.
This picture, taken yesterday, shows how much nicer the brick will look
when finished (the white blobby area to the right has been cleaned up as well,
as of Thursday morning).

Worker in a cherrypicker on his way to work on the upper section of the wall.
The angle of the picture makes it look as though he's about to get tangled
in the power lines, but he's actually at a safe distance. 
 Thursday morning:
Finishing up in the pouring rain.

A sure sign that this project is wrapping up: The two large portals
through which all the substation equipment was delivered have been walled off.
I'm still hoping that something will be done to cover the bare cinderblocks.
They really detract from the appearance of the building,
making it look a little bit like an abandoned factory. 

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