Thursday, April 10, 2014

Year 2, Day 164: 10 April 2014

Here is a recap of the past several days at the substation:

All is calm and peaceful. The only real activity was the arrival
of a fuel truck in the morning to gas up the generator.

Monday evening:
the ground is gradually being cleared of construction materials.

Monday evening:
This picture shows the contrast between the treated and untreated brick. 

Another view of the brickwork on Monday evening.

Jackhammers taking out some of the cinderblocks to reopen what had been
one of the portals through which the equipment had been brought into the
substation previously. After the relative peace and quiet of recent weeks,
the noise was a real shock to the system.

The finishing of the brickwork continues. The brick looks gorgeous,
which makes me wonder once again, what if anything is planned for
finishing the cinderblocked areas. The contrast between the beautiful
bricks and the rough-looking cinderblocks is striking.

Bringing in another piece of equipment.

The covering over the west wall (facing the L tracks) is being taken down.
I first noticed this while riding past on the L this morning, but couldn't
get my camera out quickly enough to take a picture through the train window.

A closer view of the west wall.

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