Saturday, April 26, 2014

Year 2, Day 180: 26 April 2014

It is an exceptionally busy and noisy day at the substation site, and i confess that, as much as i've enjoyed getting to see this project take shape over the past year and a half, i miss the simple pleasure of being able to sleep past 7AM on a Saturday morning. Hurry up and finish, guys, 
i need my beauty sleep! 
Ordinarily, i organize the shots in chronological order, but today they are arranged to show all that's going on from south to north, just to illustrate how much activity there is today. 

Activity at track-level at the southern end of the work area:

Heavy cable is being fed off this huge spool into the building through the southern entrance:

 The cinderblocks and circular saws were my least favorite part of the early morning symphony. 
Here, a  large stack of cinderblocks is being moved by forklift:

Once again, Farwell Ave. is closed to traffic from the CTA viaduct to Wayne Ave.

The view from north of the substation:

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