Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 217, 2 June 2013

Despite it being Sunday, the crew was back on the job this morning for a few hours (though finished by the time i took these pictures). One of the guys was kind enough to explain this latest step in the process, so today we don't need to rely on me speculating about what i think they are doing. The lower row of tiebacks has been installed, but needs to be embedded in a compacted layer of grout to keep them intact. The grout is slowly forced into the space surrounding the tiebacks over the course of three days, which explains why the crew was working on Saturday and Sunday this week. Meanwhile, the metal tubing that was inserted with the tiebacks to prevent the loose soil from collapsing around them is removed. This was the subject of yesterday's video posted on YouTube. 

As i mentioned yesterday and as these pictures will attest, the work site has not been looking especially scenic these last few days, especially with all the mud and soupy puddles of grout, but it still represents the progress that's being made as it get closer to the construction stage of the project. 

If you haven't seen my videos, which are admittedly not Academy Award material but at least give some indication of how these big machines operate, please check out my channel (MsArminia) on YouTube. And please don't ask me why i used to be Ms. Arminia instead of Ms. Demeanor; it's a long and not very logical story involving ancient German history and my lifelong efforts to find the perfect alias. 

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