Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 257: 12 July 2013

The crew from Stalworth Underground was back this morning, as some of their remaining equipment was removed. I was glad to see them, not only because the business of loading things on trucks was an interesting diversion, but also because they were a nice group of guys, who always had a cheerful greeting or a helpful explanation of what they were doing. 

After the morning's diversion it was back to painting, which will ever after be known as the job that drove me out of house and home. Maybe it was the relative peace and quiet of my vacation, or maybe it was the expectation when i left in mid-June that the next stage of the process would be the actual building of the substation, a task that would involve manageable noise levels. Or maybe i'm just missing the glory days when i was being showered with lavish gifts like pink hardhats and commemorative bricks. No, in all honesty, it's none of those things. The present level of noise, dirt, and fumes is simply worse than anything that preceded it, and i'm finding it unhealthy and unbearable. So i've started looking for a new home for myself and the little Demeanors. Hopefully, i will still live close enough to keep track of the project even if i lose my bird's-eye view. And, of course, i'll keep up this account for as long as i'm here. 
I've posted another short video on YouTube (click here) to give an indication of the noise level of the painting work. This is the first time that my trusty earplugs have not been completely effective (though they certainly help). I've included a short recording of my own voice, speaking louder than usual, as a point of comparison.

The painters in action. I was apparently mistaken in thinking that the gray and orange paints were being used for different sections. My neighbor has informed me that the gray paint was applied as a primer and the orange as a second coat. 

**Update: 13 July. Apparently my information was still incorrect. Please see 13 July entry for the official word on what's being done to the steel panels.

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