Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 263: 18 July 2013

The arrival of the flatbed truck is always a harbinger of change, and today was no exception. Bright and early this morning, the flatbed pulled up and this trailer was moved out. I'm not certain, but think this was probably the temporary office space for the team from Pine Waterproofing since their work seems to be about finished. 

I welcome the change, since i think i've made it fairly obvious by now that the sandblasting and waterproofing has been my least favorite part of this job so far. It has been such a dirty, ear-splitting process that even my cat has ended up needing anti-anxiety meds. I mean no disrespect to the workers as they seemed to do a very good, thorough job. This was just one of the instances in which the tight quarters in which this project is being done is a real liability. You could hear the sandblasting from two blocks away, so you can imagine what it was like in an apartment directly across a narrow alley. 

Besides that, it seemed like this phase of the project would never end, and after a while it was a real challenge to find a fresh, interesting subject for a picture. Fortunately, there were a lot of changes to photograph by later in the day, and i'm really looking forward to finally seeing the substation go up. 

By late morning, these areas were measured out, then excavated later in the day. 

I returned a few hours later, to find that a series of trenches had been dug. It looks like they've finally gotten down to the original clay soil.  

These two concrete cistern-like structures were also added this afternoon. I'm hoping that someone on the crew can tell me what they are for.

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