Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 259: 14 July 2013

Sunday mornings are always a good time to take a look at some of the smaller details of this large-scale job. As noted in my update to yesterday's post, i've learned that the gray area is sandblasted rather than painted and the orange is a waterproofing treatment. Apparently, the shear studs do not get waterproofed, so small cylindrical covers are placed over them before the waterproofing is sprayed on. These covers are shown in the two pictures below. In the top picture, you can see them covering the shear studs along the column just to the right of where the paint ends. In the lower picture, buckets of the covers rest in the bed of a pickup, ready for work to begin anew tomorrow. 
My informant tells me that they hope to finish with the sandblasting tomorrow, and i'm trying to decide how to celebrate. I may keep it simple and just go back to speaking in a normal voice. This morning at the Glenwood Sunday Market, i overheard a guy asking someone else how long "that noisy construction work" was going to last -- must be a new neighbor!

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