Saturday, May 24, 2014

Year 2, Day 207: 24 May 2014

It was a peaceful Saturday at the substation, but here are a few pictures taken yesterday. The main work at this point seems to be digging out the sewer line.  

Despite the deceptive angle of this picture, the guy in the bulldozer was
not trying to pick up the port-a-potty (although that would have been
something worth seeing.

Excavation for the sewer line, with trench boxes set up.

Working on the roof

Working on the mysterious yellow boxes on the lower roof.


  1. The mysterious yellow boxes on the sub roof are track switches. They are a means of disconnect of the power to the various tracks if work is to be done on them for any reason.

    1. Thanks for the explanation! I had intended to ask about them when i toured the substation, but then was so interested in everything else that i forgot. I've been really curious about their purpose since they were first installed.


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