Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Year 2, Day 210: 27 May 2014

This may come as a surprise to those of you who regularly follow this blog, but up until very recently i did not own a camera. Until today, the pictures posted here were taken with my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3, which takes great pictures but has been misbehaving a bit lately (just as i've almost finished paying for it). So i finally broke down and got a real camera, and went a little crazy taking pictures today. I'm having more trouble than usual editing myself, so here are a whole lot of pictures of the crew putting in the new sewer line.

Lengths of sewer pipe stacked on the Bobcat
These next two pictures show gravel being put in the trench after a length of sewer pipe has been installed.

The next several pictures show a length of sewer pipe being moved into position in the trench

And here is the view from ground level:

This is one of the smaller trench boxes like the ones in use in the excavations pictured above.

View from ground level of the clay sewer pipe being moved into the trench

Meanwhile, the roofers are also hard at work installing capstones and metal flashing. 

While the crane operator delivers sheets of metal flashing weighed down by a tool kit.

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