Thursday, May 15, 2014

Year 2, Day 198: 15 May 2014

On Tuesday, following the installation of the metal grilles,
 the brickwork was carefully cleaned.

 Farwell is still closed from the L viaduct to Wayne. Huge holes have been dug 
and covered with heavy steel panels, while other heavy metal objects 
have been moved around. I'm curious to learn what the thing in the 
bottom picture is for--it's an imposing looking thing!

             *** UPDATE 16 May: Thanks to the commentor who explained that the object 
                     pictured below is a trench box, a safety feature designed to keep the walls 
                     of a deep excavation from collapsing. On the post for 6 May there is 
                     a picture of a trench box in use.


  1. That's a trench box. It is used in deep excavations that are also narrow to protect the excavation from caving in but also allows someone to work within that excavation safely. They are also mandated by OSHA depending on the depth of the excavation.

  2. The photo you posted in your May 6th post shows a trench box already in the ground.


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