Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 185, 1 May 2013

Last Wednesday, i posted pictures of the steel casing being installed at the north end of the worksite; as of last evening preparations were underway for the next installation at about the midpoint of the site. What i thought yesterday was a preliminary step in taking down another section of the wall was actually just preparation to ready the area for another of the temporary work platforms to support the machinery that muscles the steel casings through the earth. 
Here are a couple of pictures i took last evening showing the steel casings with the inner screw mechanism that digs through the earth. This is very noisy work, but at least i have a good supply of earplugs on hand.

Big Blue (the Hütte) has been replaced by Big Yellow, and watching it climb up to the main work area through the breach in the wall early this morning was an impressive sight.

 I'm not sure when this section of wall at the south end of the site was taken down. I just noticed it this evening.

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