Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 188, 4 May 2013 *** UPDATED 6:00 PM ***

The work is progressing quickly, and the last piece of steel casing in this section is ready to be installed. From what i can observe, the piece of machinery that the man in the middle is leaning against in the first three pictures functions as a kind of dolly, steadily pushing the casing forward as it digs its way beneath the track bed. 
The noise has not been as bad as i'd anticipated, and with the help of earplugs, life is going on at Casa Demeanor without too much disruption.

This final shot was taken less than an hour after the others in this series and shows the same steel casing now almost entirely installed beneath the trackbed. The dirt being excavated by the screw mechanism within the casing is pouring out through an opening on the left side of the pipe and is being cleared away both manually and with the help of a small bulldozer.

This part of the job is completed and all the action has moved to the south end of the site. 

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