Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 324: 17 September 2013

Gang forms are being added to the midsection of the site, while long lengths of rebar (that appear to be about 30 feet long) are being placed along what will eventually be the outer/east wall of the substation. I've been trying to judge how the substation will affect my living conditions, and whether i should think about moving. It all seems to depend on how high the walls will be. On the plus side, the building should provide a sound buffer between me and the L, which would be very nice. But i'm hoping that it won't be high enough to deprive me of the sunlight and breezes that i enjoy so much.

Meanwhile a trench is being dug along the western section of Glenwood, then under the viaduct at Farwell, and finally over to the site on the eastern side of Farwell. I'll be glad when this part of the job is done--it's making it a lot harder to get around.

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