Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 338: 1 October 2013

I know that it isn't logical, but i find myself surprised to see the actual substation taking shape. I've been following this project for so long, and been so fascinated by all the different stages in the process, that at some point i think i lost track of the fact that this thing would eventually be a building. Ironically, as the project comes closer to reaching its goal, i am less and less able to see what's happening or get the kinds of pictures i could in the earlier stages. But i'll keep at it, posting the best pictures and info i can on this blog. 
The first ten pictures were taken this morning, the rest in late afternoon and early evening.

Yet another load of rebar arrived early this morning. 

Completing the ceiling on the middle section

Adding the last section of aluminum beams and plywood
to the ceiling at the south end.

More progress was made by late afternoon.

The day is done.
The south end

The midsection

The north end

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