Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 356: 19 October 2013

After a couple of uneventful weeks, things were really buzzing on the construction site today. The workers started arriving long before the sun rose and were there after it set. The weather has suddenly turned very cold, so i'm sure the day seemed especially long to everyone working outside in the elements today. But the results are impressive: the concrete for the entire length of the second floor of the substation was poured and is now peacefully curing beneath a covering of tarps.

Before the arrival of the concrete truck, the entire site was carefully inspected and the day's plans were reviewed.

The pumping apparatus is set up.

Bringing in the hose to pump in the concrete.

Starting to pour the concrete

The concrete is up to the ankles of the worker bending over
in the middle of the picture. Maybe i've seen too many gangster movies
with references to "cement overshoes," but this would scare me to death. 

Smoothing the surface

Smoothing the surface with a 2x4

I've been trying for months to get a clear shot of the concrete
 gushing out of the pipe. This is the best picture i've gotten so far.

The southernmost section is completed.

The next truckload of concrete is waiting on Farwell Ave.

The view from the other side of the tracks

This worker only looks like he's up to his knees in concrete.
He's actually standing in one of the openings in the surface.

Once the concrete had all been poured, and the surface smoothed, the whole thing was covered so that it could cure. This is the same process as was done when the foundation was poured back in July.
Bringing in the tarps.

Meanwhile, at the north end, the last of the concrete has been poured,
and the pump and cement mixer have been retired for the day.

A few workers remained long past sunset. The last of the concrete was covered to protect it from the rain that began to fall early in the evening. At about 8:00PM, after the rain had stopped, a pair of workers uncovered the northernmost section and smoothed the last section of concrete .
I heard the front gate on the worksite open at around 5:00 this morning; sixteen hours later, a few vehicles are still parked on the site and the flood lights are still on. 
I confess that i enjoyed the peace and quiet the last two weeks, but to be honest, i found it a little boring after a while and was very grateful for all the excitement of this very long, but very productive day.

The coup de grace: smoothing the last section of concrete.

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