Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Year 2, Day 1: 29 October 2013

Happy 1st Anniversary, Substation; Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

On this date in 2012, work on the substation "officially" began. There were a few busy days, replacing the long armatures on the streetlights (seen in the picture below) with shorter ones to accommodate all the equipment that was needed for the job, and chopping down the ailanthus trees, which were admittedly scruffy looking, but which provided shade, privacy, buffering of the noise from the L, and endless hours of entertainment watching the squirrel circus. Due to some kind of bureaucratic issues or other, the actual work did not, however, begin until more than two months later, on 9 January 2013. 

29 October 2012
29 October 2013

And now a personal note:

Dear Substation,
Well, here we are still together after one full year. I must admit that i would not have chosen to spend the last year with you of my own free will: this was an arranged marriage, and i had no say in the matter. And i confess that i did consider leaving you last summer. You aren't always the best partner; you never seem to consider me when you decide to invite all your friends over for the weekend, keeping all the lights ablaze and making an ungodly racket. But just the same, i've stuck by you, enjoying the fact that life is never dull around here since you came to stay. I've enjoyed seeing how you've changed with each passing day, and i am still trusting that you will keep your promise to eventually make my life better by standing between me and the noise of the passing trains. In the meantime, chocolates make a nice anniversary gift.
Ms. Demeanor

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