Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 342: 5 October 2013

 We are expecting thunderstorms later today, so the next round of concrete pouring was postponed until next week. It's a lovely and peaceful morning and seems like a good time to stop and give an overview of what i've learned about what is still to come on the substation project. 

First of all, the vertical pieces of rebar give a good indication of how tall the finished substation will be. They show how high the walls will be, and then the roof will add a little additional height. So, for most of its length, the substation will stand about 8 to 10 feet above track level; the southern segment will be several feet shorter. 

The large openings visible in the lower picture are temporary, allowing access for both the workers and the machinery that will eventually be installed; when that stage is completed, they will be filled in. 

Finally, as you'll notice, the area of the walls now covered by wooden gang forms is recessed slightly from the finished concrete of the lower section. The "wood paneling" isn't an attempt to recreate the charm of a 1970s' suburban rec room; it will eventually be replaced by bricks, giving the building what we hope will be an attractive facade that fits in with the surrounding buildings. I'm not certain about the two arches in the shorter section. I remember seeing them on the original plans that were posted when the project was first announced, and i think they were decorative elements, but i haven't asked anyone about this, so i can't say with any certainty if that is the case. 

PS. Thanks to a very helpful member of the crew for much of this info. I would give you a shout-out by name, but am not sure if you prefer to remain anonymous.

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