Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 349: 12 October 2013

A Mystery
I had braced myself to be awakened by the arrival of the cement mixer bright and early this morning, and was surprised to wake up to a quiet and deserted worksite instead. The pouring of the concrete for the second floor was originally scheduled for last Saturday but had to be postponed because of the stormy weather. Since this work requires access to the outer northbound track area, it is usually scheduled for the weekend when the Purple Line express is not running to and from the Loop. I haven't spoken to anyone on the crew recently, but before last week's postponement, i'd been told that the next few Saturdays were slated for concrete work. 
I'm not certain why no work is being done today; in fact, this morning i ran into a couple of CTA workers who had apparently been assigned to work as flagmen today and were waiting outside the gate wondering where everyone was. 
I sincerely hope that there are no major problems and that work will get back to normal soon. 

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